Welcome to the Tiny Free Gallery where all the artwork is free!  Located at 196 Maple St. on Camano Island, we are a neighborhood gallery where artists and art lovers donate work for the enjoyment of others. You may take an artwork or leave an artwork or both! If you take something, please think about donating a small artwork or keepsake that needs a new home.  It's how the gallery keeps going through the generous donations of our community.  There always are free art supplies for the kids.

Tiny Solo Shows In the Gallery

About once a month or so, the gallery offers solo shows for local artists. During the period of the solo shows, the gallery is locked and work is not available for free. 


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Have a great opening. No foolin'!
-- Robert, 3/31/21

Love this idea!!!!
-- Donald, 3/23/21

Deep thanks to all of the generous artists and patrons who make this possible.