How to Leave Art in the Gallery

We're looking for small original works you want to share with the greater community - paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry, craft work or whatever else is your original creation. Artists, this is an opportunity to share drawings, studies, sketches, samples, maquettes - anything not destined for galleries. It's also an opportunity to re-home original works from your collections.

Simply come to 196 Maple St., Camano, and position your work in the gallery.  If the gallery seems too full, bring your work up to the front porch and put it in the box for that purpose. We expect high turnover because of the number of walkers in the neighborhood.  Share your creative vision! Donate again and again. It's for fun and it's for free.  Thank you, thank you for bringing joy into people's lives through the gift of art. You are the best.

Here's some simple guidelines.
  • The gallery is tiny!  Work should not exceed 40" square, such as 6 x 6 or 5 x 7.
  • 2-D work should be framed or mounted please.
  • Please sign your work, or use a nom de plume, so other's can appreciate your creativity.
  • Please use discretion and good taste.
  • If work stays in the gallery for a few days, it will be removed and put in again at a later date.  If a work just can't find a new home, it will be donated.
Thank you for making a wonderful contribution to the community.

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Deep thanks to all of the generous artists and patrons who make this possible.