A New Rock Garden


A new rock garden has been added near the Tiny Free Gallery to display and offer the many delightful painted rocks donated to the gallery.  Come take a look at the changing landscape of rock and shell art.  Many thanks to the rock painters.  It will be fun to see rocks come and go.


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Camano Studio Tour, June 25-27, 1-5


Matzke Fine Art and Sculpture Park
The Annual Studio Tour, sponsored by the Camano Arts Association, is this Friday through Sunday, June 25-27 from 10-5 daily. See www.camanostudiotour.com for full details.  The tour features four galleries, including Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park, pictured here, and 16 artist studios on Camano Island and in Stanwood.  Come enjoy a delightful sunny day and support our local artists.


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The Gallery Rocks On


The Madrona neighborhood on Camano Island fronts a rocky beach. When the waves come in on a stormy day, you can hear the rocks rolling back and forth getting rounded and smoothed as they do.  So painted rocks are found everywhere on Camano Island, including right here in the gallery.  Often they are anonymously left as gifts for the homeowner.  It's always a joy to find a new one in the gallery.


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An Itty Bitty Bunny Hops Into the Gallery


Yesterday, a giving person with a touch of humor, added an itty bitty bunny to the gallery.  This bitty bunny joins our little menagerie of Itty Dog, Bitty Kitty, bear and beaver.  Oscar, the mannikin, particularly likes bunny because it looks at him so adoringly.  Bunny, bear and beaver need names, so if you have a suggestion, send an email.  


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It's Too Hot!


Oscar and Marcel and the resident animals complained about all but expiring from the 100 degree plus temperatures in the gallery on a sunny afternoon. West facing, the gallery heats up in the afternoon making it inhospitable to some kinds of art. Yesterday, Greg, who built the gallery, came by to create a way for the hot air to ventilate into the "attic" and then to the outside. Indeed the temperatures dropped, most welcome when normally cool Camano Island hit 80 degrees yesterday.  There are about 16 hours of daylight now so relief is welcome.


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Kids Get Involved in Art


These two little fellows come a couple of times a day (with Mom or Grandma) to color and to look at what's in the gallery.  The five year old seems particularly intrigued and carries in his pocket two small painted rocks from the gallery.  Future artist perhaps? Many kids come by and some leave their creations.  It has been one of the great joys of community and the Tiny Free Gallery.


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