April In the Gallery April In the Gallery
Opening April 1, the gallery will be busy throughout the month.  So many wonderful artists are displaying and offering work.  So many interested patrons are enjoying the work as they stroll by.  Many will choose an art work that appeals to them, taking it into their homes for a lifetime of pleasure.  Thanks to all the artists and art lovers!

Kids Make Art Kids Make Art
In case a kid is inspired by the Gallery, free basic art supplies are always available.  Kids are welcome to bring work to display in the Gallery.  One day, there may even be an exhibition solely of kids work.

Tour the Tiny Free Gallery Tour the Tiny Free Gallery
Enjoy your absolutely free tour of the gallery.  Items change throughout the day. And please do not take our mannikins, easels and bitty little dog.  We need them for future exhibitions.

Opening Day Opening Day
The gallery was ready and waiting for opening day.  A nice crowd of neighbors and friends came together and shared art and took art.  The gallery changed throughout the day.

Deep thanks to all of the generous artists and patrons who make this possible.