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Patricia Resseguie Tiny Solo Show
Patricia Resseguie Tiny Solo Show

Patricia's tiny solo show was called Metamorphosis.  She wrote: 

The “science” of alchemy is about transforming base metal into silver and gold.  Metaphysical alchemy is about transforming our accumulated wisdom into spiritual enlightenment.  As our physical bodies begin to age, we undergo this precious transformation.  In the Metamorphosis, each vessel celebrates the transcendent passage from youth to old age and our beautiful transformation to gold.  

Individual maple and willow leafs are made using free-motion and hand embroidery to construct a fragile form of sewing thread and jewelers wire.  Three or more leafs are then constructed into a vessel.  The coloration of the vessels refers to three stages of alchemy:  Albido for whitening (silvering) and washing away of impurities;  Citrinitas, for transmutation of silver to gold and dawning of light;  and Rubedo for ending the alchemy and for release into spiritual self.


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